Tours of Wascana Centre

Nature Conservation Tour

**Most popular with Locals**

Tour Wascana Marsh (covers 6.6 km), a federally protected bird sanctuary within city limits! Glide through a peaceful nature reserve away from the hustle and bustle of the Wascana Lake crowds to enjoy wildlife and First Nations monuments in natural surroundings.

Tour highlights include stops at the following:

  • Waterfowl Display Pond

  • First Nations University of Canada


  • Saskatchewan Science Centre


  • Habitat Conservation Area


Historic Sites of Wascana Tour

**Most popular with Tourists**

Tour Wascana Lake (covers 4.0 km), home of Saskatchewan’s provincial government. Experience the diversity in this part of Wascana Centre, including visiting historic monuments and learning several ‘fun facts’ that most locals don’t even know!

Tour highlights include stops at the following:

  • Saskatchewan Legislative Building


  • Pine Island

  • Albert Street Memorial Bridge